Inner Sound

Listen to the inner sound here

I became interested in the Inner Sound when I heard that some Buddhist monks used it during meditation. Somebody directed me to a website in 2001, before I had learnt how to use a computer. It clearly demonstrated the potential of this electronic-sounding noise. I started to feel it was an essential part of my meditation. I developed a particular type of sensory meditation which I still use on a daily basis.

I kept the print out of the web site and before writing this, I Googled: PcE-Training,SEZ Inner Sound. I tapped into it and other 'door opening' information from the Bio Feedback Institute in Vienna.

I am referring to the high-pitched electronic sound you often hear when you put your head on the pillow at night to sleep and it is dark and quiet.

I always mentioned the inner noise when I taught my sensory meditation at Inglewood Health Hydro, to a different group of people, every week for five years. Some had confused it with Tinnitus. It is quite different. Nearly every week someone would say they had been disturbed by the noise and had gone to the doctors about it. One week two people in the group reported this. One said a Buddhist monk had eventually explained it to her. Most had been troubled by it when they were going through a difficult patch. I came to the conclusion that one of the functions of the noise was to distract people from their problems. I suggested making friends with the noise and using it to find temporary relief from what was upsetting them.

The website says . . . It was a constant companion in the womb while we waited several months to be born. It reminds us of deep comfort and rest.

Under normal circumstances, we pick it up when the brain is charged with high energy and the body is completely relaxed. If you listen to it carefully you can hear a mixture of sounds. It is in the 7 to 9 kHz range. It is comparable to the chirping sound of a cricket or the sound of an electrical motor running at high speed or just a pink noise.

The web site says . . . It is most important to relax shoulders, neck, forehead and jaws. Take your time in your search for this inner sound. Once you have heard this sound it is easy to reactivate it, in any life situation. It was found, that if you are under stress, just imagine this inner sound, and your worries will disappear immediately. . . . Once you perceive the sound, it means you are totally relaxed and your head is free. This enables you to receive more energy from within and from outside.

For more detail, it is best to go to the website. I will just mention essential points. It says . . . How this sound originates is still very unclear. One thing we do know is that the sound is perceived in the center of the temple bones and it is also generated there.

The website says this can alter the way information is perceived. This means: if you can activate the inner sound and direct your attention inwards, you can not only further increase your inner energy, but also during your meditation remove any barriers or filters to higher perception.

I have subsequently tried to find out more about the Inner Sound and searched long and hard on the Internet. I discussed it with people and the Schumann Resonance was mentioned, but I felt I had lots of loose ends and nothing of substance to write.

Help came at last from my gardener and handy man, Martin (also an electrician). When he was a young man he was troubled by his psychic abilities. He saw, heard, and tuned into things beyond the normal spectrum of awareness. He was fortunate to be referred to a leading London psychiatrist who understood these things.

During the consultations the Inner Sound was discussed. The psychiatrist explained that the brain is an electrically functioning machine. The electrical activity produces a resonance, or frequency. Some people hear this resonance without effort, others can train themselves to hear it and some don't hear it at all.

He said it was like two alternating pitches of sound that were similar to the very high F and G or F sharp and G sharp at the top end of a piano ( about 3.5 octaves above middle C). I experimented to find out which notes I was hearing. It is difficult to select a pitch because it is a mixture of sound but there seems to be a dominant pitch. I sang what I thought was the dominant pitch and then found it on the piano. I did not always hear the same note but it was always one of the four notes mentioned.

Martin said . . . The planet Earth is a big magnet which creates an electrical pulse. This can be thought of as the heart beat of the planet Earth. This interacts with the brain which has its own electrical frequency. The Earth's and the brain's frequencies are similar and both vary according to the amount of electrical activity on the planet, for example, the gravitational pull of the Moon, thunderstorms and solar activity.

Some say that when we tune into our Inner Sound we are also tuning into the heart beat of planet Earth. This is an awesome conclusion. I gather a lot of research is being carried out in this area. There is more to be learnt about this interesting phenomenon and I would welcome any feedback about it.

In 2001 it was possible to download the sound from the Bio Feedback Institute's website. As it is no longer possible, I have attempted to recreate it on my website. As stated above, it is between 7 and 9 kHz range. The sound you will pick up here is 8 kHz. It sounds to me as if G is the dominant note. It is not identical to the sound you will hear but it is definitely similar and I hope it will help you.

When you listen intently you stop breathing and thinking. If you asked a group of people to listen to a pin drop, they would all stop breathing for a few seconds. Listening to this high pitched sound during your meditation helps to clear your mind of thoughts.